Adjust editor panels, new event-area type and timeline style updates
Deployed on: 2022-05-19

Adjust editor panels, new event-area type and timeline style updates

New Event Area Type

Event areas are a useful tool to make zones of a video clickable - but sometimes it makes sense to have them fullscreen in the background. We are therefore proudly launching a new area type called “fullscreen”. This can be changed in the “General”-Tab on any event area, this also applies to areas that already have existed before this update.

Event area type

Newly introduced were also design settings for event areas. Now the shadow can be en-/disabled and the background intensity can be adjusted.

Event area design settings

Editor Panels

Different devices require different sizes and layouts – therefore this version includes the new option to customize the editor.

A lot of overlays? -> Increase the timeline height!
Complicated styles? -> Increase the sidebar width!
Difficult to find the right overlay position? -> Decrease the timeline height!

You get the point.

Editor Panels

By the way, the layout will not get lost when visiting a different page or project -> we automatically save it in your browser. Therefore whenever revisiting the project, your previous layout will be reapplied.

Timeline style update

Last but not least, a small design update only a few of our users will consciously notice – we have added some changes to the timeline. Can you spot them?

We also fixed some minor problems regarding the dragging of overlays within the timeline.

Timeline style update

I hope you enjoy these changes! Have a good day!

Jakob Sturm, Head of Product

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