Create & manage clients
Deployed on: 2022-06-03

Create & manage clients

Good news to all our agency and enterprise plan customers: projects can now be grouped by clients. This not only improves the overview in the dashboard but it will also help with reporting by giving a clearer overview.

Add and manage clients

Adding a client is simple - switch to the Client-Tab and click on “new client”. A modal will open asking for the client’s name. After the successful creation, we will suggest some projects that currently have no clients and give the user the option to add these projects to the newly created client. Accessing a client’s subpage can also be done through the dashboard by clicking on the name. By the way: When a project is archived, it will also no longer show up in the client project list.

Event area type

Add clients to projects

There are multiple ways to associate a project with a client:

  1. Select a client while creating a new project
  2. Edit project settings
  3. Inline-menu on the dashboardEvent area type

Report back to clients

In order to make it easier to bill clients for their impressions, agency and enterprise users can now generate a report showing how many views and clicks each campaign had. This data can also be exported as CSV by clicking the orange button on the top right.

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